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What are Product Price Types?

Generally, price types are just for the dealer’s reference. With few exceptions, the system doesn’t do anything with price types. The exceptions are:

SALE_PRICE – A price type with this code is interpreted as a set sale price for the product. If this is set, the normal calculations for sale price are ignored and this value is used.

SHIPPING_CHARGE – If this code is used for a price type, that is the fixed shipping charge for this product and normal calculations are ignored.

MARKET_VALUE – This will be used for calculating the market value of inventory for tax purposes.

REPLACEMENT_VALUE – this will be used for calculating the replacement value of inventory for insurance purposes.


Where do you put the Google Analytics Code?

1. Go to Website > Templates > Analytics Code.

2. Click Add to add a new Google Analytics Code snippet.

3. Enter the Code, a description and copy in the script from Google.

4. Go to Website > Templates.

5. Select the site template and click the Javascript tab.

6. You will see the first drop down on this tab allows you to select your Google Analytics code that you just setup in the previous step.


Why is it that if the user account enters a wrong password 6 times, the account will be locked out?

PCI Compliance states that if the user account enters a wrong password 6 times without a successful login, the account should be locked out. Those who had their account locked out can either reach out to Coreware Support from the Coreware Help Desk or have another admin on their site unlock their account.

Why is it that when an admin has not logged in for several months, they would no longer have login credentials and are advised to reach out to Coreware Support?

PCI Compliance states that passwords have to be changed every 90 days and administrators who don't log in for 90 days are made inactive. Those who had their account deactivated can reach out to Coreware Support from the Coreware Help Desk or have another admin on their site reactivate their account.

Why are users required to periodically create a new password that has never been used before?

PCI Compliance clearly and unequivocally states that the password needs to be changed every 90 days and the new password cannot be one of the five previously used passwords.

How do I print single receipts or summary receipts for donors who did not receive theirs in the mail?

If you are trying to reprint a single, individual receipt, you would just put in the donation ID, uncheck "Ignore donations whose receipt is already sent" and check "Send NO emails, download only". If you are trying to reprint a single, year-end receipt, you would select "Summary" for receipt type, enter the Donor ID, put in start and end dates, and check "Send NO Emails, download only".


How can we send notification emails to our staff members when someone fills up an application form?

Go to Tools -> Forms -> Definitions. Open the form then go to the Notifications tab. You can add email addresses to the list to be notified when the form is filled out and submitted.

How do I reconcile my Fund Accounts in Coreware with our Bank Account that holds the actual funds?

Go to Tools -> Donor Management -> Fund Account Report. Choose Summary from Report Type and "Fund" in the Total By field.

Where do admins go to log in to the backend?

When you need to send someone to do administration work, after you have created their admin user, send them to

Is there a way to have Coreware sync batches with the Merchant Processor, so that we could easily run a report to match with deposits that were made in our bank?

There is a report called "Donations Report". This report allows you to order the report by date or bank batch number.

How do I send mass emails for marketing and others?

Although Coreware has a email capabilities, we recommend using Mailchimp for mass emails. Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform that helps you share email and campaigns with clients, customers, and other interested parties. For mass mailings with MailChimp, you can use the MailChimp Sync capability in Coreware. The categories, contacts and mailing lists that you create in CoreWare will be synced to MailChimp. Once synced, you can send mass emails to the contact lists using MailChimp.


How do I setup a Gun.Deals Feed? is a place where users and visitors share the best gun related deals that they find across the web. Coreware can provide a feed to Gun.Deals. Once you setup an account on Gun.Deals simply enter the following for the feed address: (replace YourWebSiteName with your web site).


How can I or someone else receive an email notification for new orders?

Customers already receive order confirmations, but if you want yourself or your staff to receive an email when an order is placed please follow these directions.

Setup a new notification. Go to System->Notifications, Add a notification with the code "retail_store_order_notification" and put whatever email address(es) you want to get the notification.


What is the difference between Contact Categories and Contact Groups?

When setting up a contact a contact type can be assigned to that contact. Typically contact types are used to group together contacts that belong to the same group. For example, a contact type could be "Prospect" or "Customer". Contacts can also be assigned to one or more contact categories. Contact categories are another way to group contacts together.